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Keystone Award Winners (Gold):

2011: Best Customer Service by a CHBA CI Member

Criteria – Best Customer Service by a CHBA Member – Entry 25-35

  1. The individual or company’s overall service strategy.
  2. The success of this strategy for the individual or company and consumer.
  3. Creativity in addressing industry/client needs.
  4. Strategies to eliminate callbacks or defects.
  5. Strategies to promote professional development.

I spend approximately 15 hours getting to know my clients using my questionnaire to figure out what their lifestyle needs are, then start designing their house using my philosophy of Logic, Function, Style.

I provide elevation, 3D and perspective views to better clarify design.

My listening skills, thoroughness, experience, flexibility and attention-to-detail create homes that accurately meet the needs of my clients.

I developed an extensive 24 page questionnaire and compel clients to think seriously about what they truly want/need to ensure their home functions for them, preventing regrets and protecting their investment.

I continually educate myself and check with contractors, manufacturers, engineers, building authorities etc. to ensure my design is builder-friendly in the most cost and time-efficient way possible, then I detail the working drawings thoroughly.

Result: smooth build for my clients, referral business for me.

I don’t strive to meet my client’s expectations, I strive to exceed them!

Red kitchen

2011: Best Kitchen Design Project Value Under $30,000

Criteria – Best Kitchen Design (Valued at Under $30,000 NEW)

  1. Careful and innovative detailing
  2. Functionality and utility of floor plan
  3. Special and unique design
  4. Efficient and creative use of space
  • Recycled counters chosen/designed to accommodate perimeter rope lighting.
  • High-impact backsplash seen as you enter living space for wow factor in otherwise simple decor.
  • Red wall opposite kitchen for tie-in. Otherwise all walls and ceilings are cream white to let structure and views shine.
  • Abundant storage: drawers and walk-in-pantry.
  • Organized! Logical. Efficient.
  • Drawer banks’ width and placement for specific function and aesthetics.
  • Slow-close cabinets. Smooth. Sturdy.
  • Great work triangle, traffic flow, entertaining set-up.
  • Island: eating bar, large prep and buffet area.
  • Space for TV/artwork beside prep area.
  • Breakfast area beside fridge hidden from view.
  • Hidden hallway for dog dishes.
  • Striking vaulted ceilings don’t interfere with function.
  • Drawers recessed into pantry for usable space in convenient location.
  • Range location for headroom, range hood clearance.
  • Drawer banks flanking range for counterspace and cooking utensil storage.
  • Spices in pantry drawers: away from heat yet handy.
  • Fridge and freezer placement allow bathroom between dormers.
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2011: Best Housing Design – Flodstrom Residence

Criteria – Best Housing Design

  1. Innovative design taking into account the orientation on the site with regards to the site shape; functional use of the site (usable yard, driveway etc); and location and height of the sun during times of the day/year
  2. Design that suits the neighbourhood and environmental surroundings
  3. Functional, logical, and aesthetically pleasing traffic flow paths
  4. Rooms and whole house designed with furniture placement and interesting interior design features in mind
  5. Creative ways to form room separations in an open-concept layout
  6. Architectural character
  7. Environmental considerations (‘green’ elements)
  8. Suitable to the client’s needs and budget
  9. Working drawings that are complete and easy to work from
  • Economical shape maximizes rectangular corner site welcoming from both streets.
  • Ample parking for house and suite.
  • Shed Storage incorporated.
  • Passive Solar design maximizing views.
  • Breezeway, porch and upper decks provide sheltered, private outdoor spaces.
  • Wrap-around porch requested in Old English Country building scheme: gable roofs make it work.
  • Small house requested in large home neighbourhood: designed to appear and feel large, yet only 1400 SF.
  • Home, including furniture arrangements, is designed to ensure smooth, logical traffic flow throughout.
  • Rooms, stairs, vaults and other features strategically placed to provide views and architectural interest from all sight lines and focal points from numerous viewing locations.
  • Kitchen island, line of second floor and closets provide room separations.
  • Spacious, character-filled half storey.
  • Rooflines, entrances, porch, breezeway, garage suite and side deck provide abundant architectural interest.
  • Natural light floods every room. No lights needed during daylight.
  • Surpassed clients’ wants and needs!
  • Builder-friendly measurements, detailed plans.
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2008: Best Housing Design –

This 2550 square foot, 1½ storey house is located in the award winning geothermal community of Sun Rivers. The architectural theme of this neighbourhood is Old English Country and many of the characteristics of this style were incorporated into the design of this home.

Keystone Award presentationI was born and raised in Kamloops and have been working towards my dream of designing houses for the past 16 years. I remember hearing about the Dream Home Lottery years ago and wanting to design the house one day. I want to thank the CHBA and TRU for keeping this initiative going for so long. It has given so many students the skills needed to be successful in the real world and has raised a lot of money for community causes. I am proud to have donated the house design for the 2008 YMCA Dream Home Lottery!

About the Design

YMCA Dream HomeI considered the orientation of the site and designed the house to best suit each strength it offers such as angling the front entrance to encompass both streets framing this corner lot; allowing as much natural light into the house as possible, while bearing in mind what time of day the sun will be shining through the windows and when you’d prefer the light in each room; as well as considering how much heat will come through those windows – the only window fully exposed on the hot south face is the one featuring the spectacular view in the bonus room and the heat issue can be addressed with window coverings. I have also greatly considered traffic flow, grouping like areas together, keeping other areas private, and providing logical paths to ensure the house is smooth and efficient to live in.

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Features of the YMCA Dream Home

  • Larger than standard Double Garage
  • Covered Entrance & 2 Courtyards
  • Grand Foyer & Curved Staircase
  • Vaulted Ceilings with a Library Area overlooking the main features of the home
  • Unique Kitchen and large Walk-In-Pantry
  • Dining Room with area to extend the table when needed
  • Large Private Covered Patio
  • Master Suite discreetly tucked away with plenty of space
  • Private Ensuite featuring a large Walk-In-Shower
  • 2 other large Bedrooms & a Bonus Room
  • Large room in the Basement perfect for a Games Room or Theatre Room