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I designed a home for Michelene & TJ Schroeder and was later called on to help with their interior design.

… She was very good at encouraging both of us to speak up about our likes and dislikes and helped to reach agreements where it seemed impossible. We enjoyed her persistence, encouragement and good humour with us in times of stress.

We have the utmost respect for Julie and her very client centered approach to her work. If we decide to build again in future, we would have Julie involved through the entire process from the beginning.

Another residential customer said this:

Dear Julie:

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on creating the perfect look for our new home in Saddleback Hills.

As this was my first experience with an Interior Designer, I now have a new appreciation for the extensive research, selections and choices that need to be considered when creating an ambiance that fits with the new home owners’ needs and wants.

We love our home and I know I would never have been able to make the choices you made in order to achieve a cohesive, warm and stylish Exterior and Interior that worked with our furniture and the area in which the house was built.

In addition I was grateful that you were able to make those decisions within our allowances from our builder.

I have referred you to anyone I have met who is looking to build or renovate. Having a good designer to assist in turning a house into a home lifts a lot of the stress and frustration tied to this very important undertaking.

Thank you again.
Patsy Bourassa

One commercial project I’ve done that many people have enjoyed is the renovation to the Grand Hall at Thompson Rivers University. Gerard Hayes, the Director of Ancillary Services at the time, sent me a letter expressing his satisfaction:

Dear Julie,

I meant to write this letter earlier but we have been extra busy booking the newly renovated Grand Hall.

I wanted to let you know that everyone that views the Grand Hall is amazed at the improvement. Your recommendations for carpet, wallpaper and lights was perfect.

Thank you for exceeding my expectations in completing this project. Even with our very tight schedule, you were able to meet the deadlines and managed to stay within budget. It was a pleasure to work with you and again I thank you for an excellent job on renovating the Grand Hall.

This letter is in reference to Julie Orser and Dynamic House Design Inc. My experience with Julie has been nothing but positive. From my first meeting with Julie she was engaged and I felt I had her full attention to my project. At first glance her information gathering questionnaire seems lengthy, but I believe it was essential to the planning process. The detailed information allowed Julie to design a home that was customized to my specific needs and wishes.

Throughout the planning and building stages Julie provided outstanding customer service. She always replied promptly to enquiries and continues to be a valuable wealth of knowledge through her many connections within the construction industry.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Julie and Dynamic House Design as I am confident that she will provide top notch customer service and a truly customized and unique home design.

Dana Gillis

April 15, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of working with Julie Orser of Dynamic House Design Inc. on the design concept of our house expansion project.

Julie played a key role in our planning process, encouraging us to define our ‘dream home’ within a framework of realistic expectations and budget limitations. Her knowledgeable and wise counsel guided us through the creative design process to a final concept we’re both thrilled with. she transformed our vision into a highly functional design that reflects our family’s needs with style and practicality.

Julie is an energetic, keen and intelligent professional who offers practical advice to clarify issues, streamline decision-making, and facilitate consensus and compromise when necessary. Her refreshingly genuine nature makes working with her a pleasure. She is amiable and eager to please, yet she possesses the fortitude to press for tough decisions when needed. This quality was invaluable in keeping our project on track, both in terms of our vision and our budget.

From the generation of conceptual ideas to the expertly prepared working drawings, Julie’s work reflected the utmost professionalism.

Whether you’re renovating or building new, I highly recommend engaging Julie to assist in your project’s planning process. I am confident she will infuse expertise and enthusiasm into all aspects of your project.

Yours truly,

Janet Young
Homeowner, Kamloops, BC

October 25, 2010

To whom it may concern;

Julie Orser of Dynamic House Design recently completed the architectural design for our new house in Revelstoke. Julie was able to take my design concepts and my functional space requirements, and meld them into a beautiful design. The process was completely enjoyable. She is creative, diligent and hard working. I appreciate the time spent on the design process as I feel a good design is the most important aspect of house construction. Also, Julie was very careful with her time, and her billings were always fair and accurate. All emails and voicemail were answered promptly, and time lines were followed closely. We are in the construction phase now and are excited to see our ‘dream’ become a reality.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


Nancy Segsworth

September 27, 2010

To whom it may concern,

We would like to take this opportunity to write Julie Orser a letter of reference to comment on our positive working relationship over the past year. Julie was recommended to us by a reputable builder in the community to help us plan an extensive renovation which involved building a new home on an existing foundation.

Julie was instrumental in moving us forward through many stressful decisions. After completing her questionnaire, Julie worked with us until we agreed to a floor plan that suited our lifestyle and priorities. Later on when we became unsure of ourselves with the many interior options available, we again pulled Julie into our process. She was very good at encouraging both of us to speak up about our likes and dislikes and helped us to reach agreements where it seemed impossible. We enjoyed her persistence, encouragement and good humour with us in times of stress.

We have the utmost respect for Julie and her very client centered approach to her work. If we decide to build again in future, we would have Julie involved through the entire process from the beginning.

If we can comment further in person our home number is 250-579-2661 or 250-318-5188 as an alternative.


Michelene and TJ Schroeder

April 04, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

In August 2009, a TNRD building inspector visited our cabin to conduct an inspection of the work being done on an extension to it by a builder who had convinced us that his work was second to none.

The inspector did not agree. In fact he found the contractor’s work to be grossly substandard, the materials used inadequate for their intended purposes and in breach of the building code in almost a dozen ways. And most notable of all, the building was unsafe for occupancy.

For our own safety, he ordered us to immediately remove ourselves from the cabin and he posted a NON OCCUPANCY order and extended indefinitely, a STOP WORK order that he had posted on the cabin a full month earlier.

To make a long story short we did some checking around and learned that Julie’s business, Dynamic House Design, was highly respected by the TNRD personnel in the area. We contacted her and our whole experience with the building contractors took a complete 180 degree turn.

Julie arranged a meeting with us at our cabin and convinced a building contractor to accompany her. She and the contractor inspected our cabin and it was quite obvious that they were not impressed with what they saw.

We were quite impressed with Julie’s professional, practical and sensitive approach to a way through our problem and within a half hour of our meeting, Julie had won our complete trust‐ not an easy feat after what we had just experienced.

Our relationship with Julie through a redesign of our cabin, the process of having the STOP WORK order lifted and the new plan approved by TNRD, and most satisfying of all, the process of selecting a contractor we could trust, was always impeccably professional. We found Julie to be immensely knowledgeable, creative, sensitive to our needs, unquestionably honest and direct and consistently prompt and dependable. In fact she was (is) everything that we needed to restore our trust in human nature. And she did that.

Our cabin is almost completed now, and every time we visit it to reassure ourselves that everything is alright with the world, we never fail to ask the question; what would have happened if we had not met Julie!

But we did! And when you meet her we are quite confident that you will find her to be everything we found her to be.

Incidentally, if you would like to visit our cabin to compare it with the copious photographs of the work done before Julie took responsibility for its transformation, this is permission for Julie to arrange for you to do so.

Linda and Terry Healey

April 7, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

We contracted Julie Orser of Dynamic House Design to help us come up with ideas and to create drawings for a potential renovation to our home. During this process we found Julie to be very attentive to our ideas and at the same time she showed great expertise in guiding us for the best possible outcome. She was patient and accommodating as we re-worked each preliminary drawing until they were exactly how we envisioned our renovation to be.

While creating the drawings Julie took into consideration the existing house and tried to incorporate the changes in a way that would be the most economical and practical, but that would still have the outcome we desired. As well, Julie did a beautiful job in creating an exterior look that would blend well with our existing structure as well as with the surrounding houses in our neighborhood.

For the excellent personalized service we received and for the completed working drawings that we were very satisfied with we found the costs of Julie’s services to be very reasonable.

We can warmly recommend Julie Orser of Dynamic House Design, she was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Brian & Kathie Andriashyk

March 24th, 2010

To Whom It May Concern

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Julie Orser, I have known Julie for 2 years. I interviewed her with hope she could design a dream home for us. I knew as soon as I met her, she was going to be the one that could and would design our home. Julie is a very intelligent, professional young woman. We have since become good friends and have referred clients to each other as we both know and realize that customer service is of utmost importance.

Julie is not your average “young career woman”. Julie is organized, efficient, and extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her communication skills, both written and verbal are excellent. Her caring attitude and work ethics are far beyond average; she works extremely well under pressure and still manages to maintain a cheerful disposition.

Julie is very determined, goal oriented and this shows in her career as well as in her personal life. On a personal note‐ I have told her if I would have had a daughter –she would be the daughter I never had.

I highly recommend Julie Orser of Dynamic House Design Inc.


Pamela Hoffman

October 23, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

I met Julie Orser the summer of 2005, my husband and I required a Jenish Plan modified, Julie came highly recommended to us by our builder.

I was eager to meet Julie however a little nervous and unsure of what to expect. Upon meeting with her, I was instantly at ease. Julie was not only kind and energetic but made me feel very welcome. I now had confidence that we would be cared for and receive the attention that was necessary in order to develop a floor plan for our new home that would suit our needs and be beautiful.

Julie was very knowledgeable, with ‘up to date’ thinking, devoted to our plan and us, always suggestive of how to improve on our ideas, not dismiss them. She never once gave us the impression that she had done all she was willing to do, regardless of her time constraints. Julie was tireless in her effort to ensure we had exactly what we wanted.

In the end, we not only have a beautiful home but our floor plan is absolutely what we wanted and suits our needs perfectly. The incite and vision that Julie has and the effort and care she put into our design shows in our home, you can tell she loves to design homes and enjoys every part of the process.

We are considering building another home and would not attempt this without the expert design work of Julie Orser. If you are considering building a home, Julie comes highly recommended to you by Heather Lamar.


Heather Lamar

April 25, 2009

To Whom It May Concern;

Re: Dynamic House Design Inc.

Recently, my wife and I hired Julie Orser of Dynamic House Design Inc. to design our once in a life time lake front home on Adams Lake, BC. I operate and own a company that works in the institutional and commercial construction sector. This type of construction requires high levels of communication and organization to succeed. We found out about Julie’s Company from another lake front neighbor who had their dream home designed by her. The level of satisfaction they expressed working with Julie inspired us to contact her.

My wife and I were impressed, Julie’s first conceptual drawings of our thoughts and wishes were on paper, and we only had slight changes before final working drawings. Julie Orser is a highly professional, organized individual that is passionate about her work.

We would highly recommend Dynamic House Design Inc. to anyone creating their life time house design.

Yours Truly,

Mark & Sonya Jones

June 29, 2006

In early 2006 we as a family decided to build a new house. Being the first home we had ever built, we never realized what a huge undertaking it was.

As we were about to begin the process we were told by numerous friends and family that the key to getting exactly the type of home we were looking for was to make sure we had the right set of blueprints. As we began our search for the right person to guide us in the right direction, we were introduced to Julie Orser by some friends.

The first time we met her was in late March, 2006. One thing that we immediately noticed about Julie was how young she was. Despite her age, we found that she has a vast array of knowledge and skills. Besides being impeccably organized, the key to working with Julie was her flexibility. Not only did she listen to and work with every idea that we had, but she was also willing to draw from her own expertise in giving us advise in order to help us realize our final vision.

We have recently started construction on our new home and our contractor is very impressed with how clearly and effectively the plan is laid out. In fact, he has asked us for Julie’s number so he can refer other clients to her.

Thank you so much, Julie Orser, for helping us get started on the home we were looking for.

Sam, Charn & Mandeep Panghli

March 1, 2006

To Whom it May Concern,

In September we contacted Julie Orser to help us design plans for our family home. This was our first time doing anything like this and we knew the minute we met Julie that we were in good hands. Julie is so easy going and approachable you feel like you’ve known her forever! She made sure that all of our ideas were added and we always felt like anything we wanted was possible. We have several friends that are designing house plans and the designers are always telling them that certain things “are not possible.” With Julie everything is possible!

We will continue to send anyone who is thinking of building to Julie. Everyone deserves the quality and professionalism that Julie delivers. She is not only an excellent designer but has an honest, caring and truly sincere character. For these reasons we knew we had chosen the best! We are confident that all of her future endeavors will be a success!


Schultz & Amy Baillie