I am capable of designing any style. I have my own style, but I want your house to reflect YOUR style not mine: that’s why all of my designs look so different.

I spend quite a bit of time getting to know you and what you need in your home. I ask you to provide me with inspiration pictures if you have them. If you don’t have any then I research some myself based on what you’ve told me, create and present a design option, and revise from there if necessary. I strive to create timeless designs with unique features to maximize your site and home’s potential while providing you with the functional needs of your lifestyle.

I tour the neighbourhood taking pictures so I can incorporate features of numerous houses so that your home compliments the neighbourhood as opposed to “sticking out like a sore thumb”. Unless you don’t want it to tie in with the neighbourhood. My philosophy is this is your house, your money, and you’re going to be living there not me, so I will always recommend things based on my experience and expertise, but I will always do what YOU want ☺