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What do I do?

I help people protect their biggest investment while creating a functional and relaxed home retreat customized for their needs.

Services Offered:

  • New Construction Design
  • Renovation Design
  • Development Design
  • Interior Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Exterior Design

Mission Statement

My goal is to design a home that meets your lifestyle needs in a style that suits your taste and neighbourhood and fits within your budget while providing you with the best customer service in the industry and your contractors with plans that are detailed and enjoyable to work from.

If you’re building new or renovating an existing home I can help protect your investment. I started Dynamic House Design Inc. on March 1, 2006 and have been busy ever since! Mainly I design new homes and renovations, but I also do interior design. I can design single or multi-family homes and it can be a single home or a whole development.

I start by going through the extensive questionnaire I developed to determine your lifestyle needs and create your “Wish List”. Then I design a home for you taking into account your needs, furniture placement, organization, traffic flow, sightlines and many other things. I design the house for your site maximizing (or minimizing) views; choosing which rooms you want to receive certain sun conditions; and design your roof and other elements to maximize your passive solar potential. This helps your pocketbook, your quality of life, and the environment. A custom plan that is designed with the reality of your lifestyle requirements will reward you with a serene environment among the chaos of life.

Many clients have ideas of what they want and they provide layouts for me to draft for them. That is ok, but I encourage my clients to take advantage of my years of specialized experience, spend their energy filling out my questionnaire, and let me worry about how to put the puzzle pieces together. I spent a long time creating the questionnaire – it is filled with the questions that go through my mind when I’m designing a home, wondering how to tailor your home to your lifestyle. There are a lot of things to consider and each affects the others like a chain reaction.

Each project I’ve done and each client I’ve worked with are different so my design time ranges anywhere from two to seven months, the typical being around two to three months. It all depends on how well the questionnaire is filled out, and how realistic those answers are to the clients’ wants and needs, the site restrictions, and the budget. When my clients really know what they want and give me detailed answers to my questionnaire I can get the first concept almost exactly right. I love the look on my clients’ faces when they see their wish list turned into their dream home on the first try!

A simple plan for a builder can take as little as 25 hours, whereas a complex custom design can take anywhere from 100 to 400 hours – typically about 175 hours.

I was the wife of a master carpenter (home-builder) for 14 years and I know how frustrated a contractor can get when working with certain plans so I strive to make my plans as builder-friendly and cost and time efficient to build as possible.

I use my interior design skills to ensure that my designs not only look good on paper, but also look good in reality and lend well to the function and logic of life while allowing my clients many options to personalize elements to their taste and style.