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I always tell clients that I’m not formally trained in interior design, but I have had good success in what I’ve done and I’m very good at creating options with any realistic budget. I have experience in residential and commercial and have included some projects in my portfolio for you to see although I am capable of so much more!
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I designed a home for Michelene & TJ Schroeder and was later called on to help with their interior design. For the full reference letter please click here.

… She was very good at encouraging both of us to speak up about our likes and dislikes and helped to reach agreements where it seemed impossible. We enjoyed her persistence, encouragement and good humour with us in times of stress.

We have the utmost respect for Julie and her very client centered approach to her work. If we decide to build again in future, we would have Julie involved through the entire process from the beginning.

Another residential customer said this:

Dear Julie:

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on creating the perfect look for our new home in Saddleback Hills.

As this was my first experience with an Interior Designer, I now have a new appreciation for the extensive research, selections and choices that need to be considered when creating an ambiance that fits with the new home owners’ needs and wants.

We love our home and I know I would never have been able to make the choices you made in order to achieve a cohesive, warm and stylish Exterior and Interior that worked with our furniture and the area in which the house was built.

In addition I was grateful that you were able to make those decisions within our allowances from our builder.

I have referred you to anyone I have met who is looking to build or renovate. Having a good designer to assist in turning a house into a home lifts a lot of the stress and frustration tied to this very important undertaking.

Thank you again.
Patsy Bourassa

One commercial project I’ve done that many people have enjoyed is the renovation to the Grand Hall at Thompson Rivers University. Gerard Hayes, the Director of Ancillary Services at the time, sent me a letter expressing his satisfaction:

Dear Julie,

I meant to write this letter earlier but we have been extra busy booking the newly renovated Grand Hall.

I wanted to let you know that everyone that views the Grand Hall is amazed at the improvement. Your recommendations for carpet, wallpaper and lights was perfect.

Thank you for exceeding my expectations in completing this project. Even with our very tight schedule, you were able to meet the deadlines and managed to stay within budget. It was a pleasure to work with you and again I thank you for an excellent job on renovating the Grand Hall.

There are 3 ways for me to help you with your interior design and they’re based on the cost of my fee: low, medium, and high.

Low: You go around and do all the research and shopping and bring 2-3 options of everything to your home and I give you my feedback on whether they’ll work together or not, and/or recommend something different. We may have to do some shopping together after this to finalize a few things.

Medium: Same as the “low” option, but I shop with you which saves a bit of time, but takes up my time which I have to charge for. This is beneficial to you because you can see all the options that I see and we can narrow things down together at the stores.

High: I do all the research and shopping and present the options to you. This saves you the most time, but takes me the most time and therefore costs the most.