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Here are some of the designs I’ve done that are completely new construction. Most were for bare land sites, but some were designed where an existing house was demolished to make room for the new.

I always try to design a home that fits in with the neighbourhood, yet stands out a bit with certain features and expresses the owner’s style. I especially like designing new homes in older neighbourhoods that look like beautiful heritage homes that have been there longer than the others.

I am all for renovating older homes to retain our heritage, however I’m all for building new so your home is constructed with newer, better building systems which are healthier and more energy efficient. Although demolishing to build new puts more waste into the landfill which hurts the environment, the new building helps the environment by being so much more energy efficient. And the great thing about building new is you can celebrate our heritage by building a new home that looks like a beautifully restored heritage home if you want to. If you’re considering an extensive renovation I recommend reading this first.

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